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Beautiful brunette with long dark hair with alyce holzy boudoir.

As your boudoir session is an investment, so is where you choose to have your hair cared for. Finding a hairdresser in Mackay to trust with your hair is crucial to maintaining healthy, styled hair, for both physical and mental well-being.  Mackay is spoilt for choice with hairdressers, some salons offer a luxurious ambiance with […]

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The A-Z of Hairdressers in Mackay



In a world that often promotes hustle over self-care, it’s essential to carve out time for moments of self-love and indulgence.  These three day spas in Mackay offer the perfect setting to reconnect with yourself and embrace the beauty of self-care.  Whether you’re treating yourself to a luxurious massage, indulging in a facial or simply […]

3 Tranquil Day Spas in Mackay for self-care


Boudoir portrait of alyce holzy in a black bodysuit

After being a mum for seven years, I haven’t been putting myself first.  In the pursuit of putting myself first, I’ve had the privilege of delving into various realms of beauty and wellness and have stumbled upon Silk Laser Mackay. From laser treatments to skin care solutions, Silk Laser Mackay stands as a beacon of […]

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Find smooth perfection at Silk Laser Mackay


Beautiful red head woman on couch at Alyce Holzy Boudoir.

In the world of boudoir photography, setting is everything.  It’s about capturing not just intimate moments, but the essence of love and connection.  Enter The Feathered Nest Retreat, a haven nestled amidst nature’s embrace, where romance blooms and memories are cherished.  As both a boudoir photographer and a discerning traveler, I invite you to delve […]

The Ultimate Romantic Getaway at The Feathered Nest Retreat


Woman who attends a mackay gym posed with an alyce holzy boudoir session.

Empowering you to embrace your confidence and celebrate your unique beauty is what I love as a boudoir photographer.  And what better way to enhance that confidence than through fitness and self-care? In Mackay, the fitness scene offers a variety of gyms tailored to different needs and preferences.  But before you dive into signing up, […]

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Discovering top Mackay gyms for Body and Mind Wellness


woman showing nails during boudoir session after having a pedicure and manicure

As a boudoir photographer, I understand the the significance of every little detail in creating a stunning image.  From the flick of an eyelash to the curve of a smile, it’s the little things that make a huge difference.  That’s why when it comes to capturing the essence of beauty, one often overlooked is the […]

4 relaxing places for pedicures in Mackay


Red haired woman in blue lingerie lying on a bed during a boudoir session with alyce holzy.

In the heart of Mackay, lies a haven for women seeking empowerment through exquisite lingerie. Bras N Things in Mackay is more than just a store; it’s a destination where confidence meets comfort and style. Let’s delve into why this lingerie boutique is a must-visit for every woman. Shopping for lingerie for yourself is a […]

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Unlock your confidence at Bras N Things Mackay


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